S³ Hires KBFS General Manager

S³ Hires KBFS General Manager

Former Chief Warrant Officer of Branch Joins S³

Honored with Nomination to 2020 Best Places to Work

The annual Huntsville Chamber of Commerce’s Best Places to Work Awards honors the “best of the best” member businesses in the Tennessee Valley.  S3  has been nominated as one of the contenders in the Large category.  The winners for each category will be announced at the Awards Luncheon on April 15.  The entire list of contenders can be found here.

S3 Burritt on the Mountain receives gift from Jan Smith for The View

Burritt on the Mountain has recently received a $200,000 gift from Jan Smith, founder and CEO of S3, for the building of an impressive cantilevered deck overlooking the city of Huntsville. The View will be ready for use in early Spring and will enhance the already remarkable view from the Burritt bluff. Visitors will be able to enjoy soon-to-be announced summer events, including lunches, cocktails and music, from The View. The 3,000 square foot space will enhance the sightseeing opportunities for Burritt’s everyday guests as well as offer a brand new “ultimate rooftop experience” for weddings, parties and corporate functions.

“Arriving in Huntsville in the late 60s, I could never have imagined the growth and expansion that Huntsville has experienced,” said Smith. “As awesome and unbelievable as it has been, I and many others believe our city’s future is equally as awesome.  Having become a true investor in Burritt’s roles as community educator, tourist attraction, history museum, and family destination, it is my honor to help expand what Dr. Burritt started with his purchase of this 167 acre portion of Monte Sano, known as Round Top Mountain.  With completion of the viewing platform called appropriately The View, our Jewel on the Mountain has taken yet another step in sharing its beauty with our city and its many visitors.”

Leslie Ecklund, CEO of Burritt, commented on Ms. Smith’s gift. “I greatly admire Jan Smith and am so impressed with all the things she has done for Burritt and our community. She has been a member, supporter and a major donor on all of our capital projects over the last five years and we are thrilled to have her as our lead supporter for The View. Her motto is ‘Destiny is a matter of choice, not a matter of chance.’  We are honored to be the recipient of this choice she has made and know that our destiny will be better for it.”

Over a million dollars of supplies were given to Madison County’s Teachers last year alone. Last year Free 2 Teach gave out over a million dollars of supplies to teachers from every single school across Madison County’s three public school systems. That is over a million dollars that did not come out of the pockets of our teachers. That’s over a million dollars of supplies going into the hands of our most vulnerable students. S3‘s Distinguished Partnership with Free 2 Teach is making this possible.






S3 Subsidiary Hosts Veterans Day Weekend Fly-In

Kachemak Bay Flying Service (KBFS), wholly owned subsidiary of S3, joined forces with the Phantom Corps Chapter of the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) to welcome General Aviation flyers to a Veterans Weekend Fly-in on November 12, 2016 at the Draughon-Miller Regional Airport in Temple, Texas.  The event was planned in honor of our nation’s veterans and welcomed aviation enthusiasts from all over Texas to participate in a number of events for veterans and their families and friends.  Included in the events was a Military Aircraft display that included the AH-64D Apache and CH-47F helicopters provided by the Dutch 302nd Aviation Squadron and the Mi-24 Hind D Russian Helicopter provided by the Cold War Museum near Dallas, TX. 


Kachemak Bay sponsored displays and demonstrations of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) and other General Aviation radios and avionics equipment.  The FAA requires all military and civilian aircraft operating in controlled national airspace to be equipped with the new ADS-B by 2020. 

Other events included a Texas barbecue and other lunch items, a free Discovery Flight drawing, discounts on fixed wing flight training, and discounts on fuel for participating aircraft owners.  The event had 22 aircraft fly in from other locations in Texas and drew more than 250 other aviation enthusiasts who arrived by ground transportation.  S3 acknowledges and appreciates the support of the 302nd Aviation Squadron, the Cold War Museum, and especially the Phantom Chapter of AAAA who helped sponsor the event.  Kachemak Bay Flying Service is FAA certified to provide Part 135 charter transport; Part 141 fixed and rotary wing flight training; and Part 145 Avionics installation and repair. Additionally, KBFS offers military contract training and support from its operations in Temple, TX and Crestview, FL.

S3 Subsidiary Awarded USAF CFT Prime Contract

On November 23, 2016, the United States Air Force (USAF) announced an award of its Contract Field Teams (CFT) contract to Global Logistics Support Services (GLSS), wholly owned subsidiary of S3.  With a total contract ceiling value of $11.4 billion, CFT is the premier USAF contract for delivering tailored, on-site Organizational, Intermediate/Field, and Depot/Sustainment level maintenance support at customer locations worldwide.  GLSS will compete with nine other small business primes for task orders to modify, maintain, inspect, and repair aircraft, aerospace equipment, missile systems, associated subsystems, vehicles, and ground support equipment.  The CFT award facilitates GLSS operations to offer comprehensive aircraft and weapon systems maintenance services not only to the USAF, but also to customers throughout the Department of Defense and to other Federal agencies.

USAF Awards Air Advisor Training Contract to S3

The Department of Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC) announced award of an Air Advisor training contract to System Studies and Simulation (S3) during the final week of September 2016.  S3, having supported AETC several years with tactical helicopter pilot training, fixed wing pilot and mission system operator training, will now provide academics, simulator, and aircraft flight training in four different Mission Design Series (MDS):  the PC-12NG (New Generation); the Cessna 208 Caravan; the MD530F Scout/Attack Helicopter; and the Mi-17 Utility Helicopter.
Training commences in October 2016 and will be accomplished at Team S3 facilities in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, and Texas.  Team S3 includes wholly-owned subsidiary Kachemak Bay Flying Service and Concord XXI USA.

S3 Provides Air Adversary Support to USAF Weapons School

Lancaster, TX – S3 and subcontractor VTS Aviation developed and recently presented the Mi-24 Combat Adversary Aviator Course to USAF Weapons School student pilots.  The pilots participated in challenging immersion training that featured the capabilities, functions, and tactical employment of the Russian Mi24D “Hind” Helicopter.  This was the first time since 2005 that USAFWS students have flown the Hind helicopter and the first RW Adversary Support to Nellis since 2009.

Former Weapons School Instructor/Hind Pilot John Totty of S3 and Hind Pilot Steve Davidson of VTS provided students with an aggressive flight training profile demonstrating the aircraft’s unique flight performance, including its handling characteristics, speed/bank limits, visual ranging rules, hover/load capabilities, and weapons system employment.  John Totty is the General Manager of S3’s wholly owned subsidiary, Kachemak Bay Flying Service (KBFS), offering flight training and operational aviation support to the USAF, USA, and other Federal agencies, as well as to commercial customers in Temple, TX and Crestview, FL.


The mission of the USAF Weapons School is to provide advanced training in weapons and tactics employment to officers of the combat air forces through graduate-level instructor courses.  Similar to the US Navy’s “Top Gun” school, the USAF Weapons School is the Service’s most demanding flight training and tactics course, graduating the most capable combat aviators in the world.


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S3 Receives United States Navy SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Contract Award

S3 was selected as a prime contractor and awarded a SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract on June 30, 2016. This SeaPort-e award provides S3 and our Team Member Companies the opportunity to bid on all future SeaPort-e unrestricted task orders supporting United States Navy requirements in twenty-two (22) functional service areas and all seven (7) SeaPort-e geographic zones.  Individual task orders may have a total period of performance up to five years.  SeaPort-e is a new IDIQ prime contract award for S3 and provides the Huntsville based company and its teammates the opportunity to compete worldwide for future Navy, United States Marine Corp and other Department of Defense full and open task orders.

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