Knowledge Management

S3’s approach to Information Technology (IT) support and Knowledge Management (KM) combines Information Systems, Database Management, and evolving 21st Century Business Processes to maximize technology products integration and work-force communications efficiencies while minimizing risks to programs and processes.  From database management to access control to storage of critical, sensitive, and classified information, S3’s secure network operations support depends upon effective daily execution and quality control of well-planned processes and policy.

S3 develops customized knowledge management solutions which provide user-friendly, centralized, web-based application for engineering analysis and reporting.  Our automated products provide our customers the ability to transform raw data from multiple sources into timely, usable management information to feed the customer’s decision-making processes.  Our software holds a Certificate of Net-worthiness (CoN), and our software development complies with the comprehensive International Organization of Standards (ISO) 9001:2008 registered/certified processes and Technical Implementation Guides (STIGS, IAVAs, and DoD security policies).  Our customers receive the following advantages from S3’s fielded knowledge management system (S3KMS):

S3 Knowledge Management System (S3KMS for Life Cycle Management)

  • No proprietary data status assigned to our products (government owns all data rights)
  • Production resides on the Regional Network Enterprise Center Central – Redstone (RNECC-R) server (with secure access)
  • Customers can share expenses using government server and share developed module technology
  • Track record of 100% satisfaction from fielded customers

S3 Aviation Data Exploitation Capability (SADEC)

The S3 Aviation Data Exploitation Capability (SADEC) knowledge management system efficiently enables Aviation Government Flight Representatives’ (GFR) automated review and management of contractor DCMA Instruction 8210.1 (AR 95-20, AFI 10-220, NAVAIRINST 3710.1, COMDTINST M13020.3A) requirements.  SADEC automates DD Forms 2627, 2628, and 644 and tracks required training for aircrews in accordance with regulatory and contract requirements.

SADEC also enables the centralized electronic storage of required crewmember documentation for GFR review.  Our approach enables the rapid accomplishment of the GFR Survey as required by DCMA 8210.1.  A true knowledge management system SADEC can be quickly tailored to specific contract needs and various aircraft and command directed training requirements.

  • SADEC presents applicable data fields for DCMA required
  • COR (or Chief Pilot) prepares forms and forwards in KM system for appropriate review/approval
  • SADEC formats, stores, alerts, and updates status based on reviews

Advantages provided by SADEC include:

  • Makes the GFR’s job easier through time management – essentially a virtual running inspection
  • Gives Commanders and other customers confidence in operational requirements tracking, tracking, and flight execution
  • Installs automated checks, balances, and alert notifications to facilitate continuous risk management and enhances safety checks, tracking, and reporting
  • Provides and audit trail in perpetuity for DCMA and ISO standards

Database Support – PARTSMAN

The PARTSMAN Database is a uniquely designed system that automates repair parts transactions and cost data for foreign military sales cases where aircraft maintenance is provided to a Partner Nation by a US contractor.  S3 fielded this non-proprietary database to assist contract maintainers in capturing cost data by class for foreign military aviation training supported by US contractors.  The database system enhances the contractor’s ability to quickly capture budgeting and parts tracking data for the customer.  Specifically, the PARTSMAN system provides efficiencies to the customer through the following:

  • Manages aircraft repair parts
  • Automatically notifies to replenish stocks
  • Automatically updates stockage levels based on demand
  • Capture and summarizes transaction costs
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