Utility Missions

Kachemak Bay Flying Service (KBFS) provides a wide range of aircraft and flight services to our US Government, Partner Nations, and General Aviation customers. Our services to US and Partner Nation security ofrces comply with DCMA 8210.1 and other US military regulations for required standards. Our services also parallel, when applicable, the several FAA regulated areas in which we work. These include Part 61 (Pilot Training); Part 91 (Public Use); Part 133 (External Load Operations); Part 135 (Scheduled Air Transport); Part 137 (Agricultural Spray Operations); Part 141 (Flight Training); and Part 145 (Avionics Repair Station). We also provide General Aviation Maintenance with a very skilled labor force.

In addition to flight training and scheduled air transport, KBFS offers tailored solutions to our customers’ needs for the following:

Aerial Firefighting

KBFS has more than 15 years of experience in providing wild land firefighting support to the US Forest Service, the Department of Interior, and the Department of Defense using Bell 206L3, MD530F, and UH-1H helicopters under the provisions of FAA Part 91 (Public Use). For the Bell 206L3 and MD530F, we employ Bambi Bucket systems, while our UH-1H is equipped with a “belly mounted” system tank with pump that enhances firefighting efficiency through improved payload, turnaround times, and the ability to mix special fire retardant foam with water. This system also provides selected quantity delivery of the suppression mixture onto the target fire that provides a level of firefighting effectiveness not achievable with the more basic Bambi Bucket systems. KBFS aircraft are equipped with communications packages that permit direct coordination with local, state, and Federal authorities managing the firefighting efforts on the ground. KBFS also has the capability to install equipment for reseeding areas devastated by wildfires.

Aerial Surveys/Photography

KBFS provides rotary and fixed wing aircraft to support missions for pipeline, power line, real estate, agriculture, disaster, and environmental surveys. State-of-the-art photography and sensor equipment can be readily installed on our aircraft to meet specific mission needs. Our Commercial Aviation Manager assesses each mission and designates the most suitable aircraft for the customer needs. All of our aircraft are equipped to carry observers if the customer requires direct participation in the survey/photography mission. Rates for this type of support depend on the type of ancillary equipment needed to deliver the customer’s required survey results.

Agriculture/Land/Wildlife Management

KBFS has more than 15 years of experience providing environmental protection support to the Department of Interior, US Army Installation Management, and commercial customers. KFBS has assisted its customers in protecting vegetation and animal endangered species by mapping seasonal habitat trends and identifying harmful threats such as over-aggressive predators and invasive species. We have also provided aerial support to local efforts to relocate or eradicate invasive species (e.g., feral hogs) that cause widespread damage to crops and ranch grasslands throughout the southwestern United States.

Disaster Response

KBFS has experience helping US Government and local responders react to search and rescue and disaster recovery missions. As KBFS leases and owns several different types of rotary and fixed wing aircraft, we continuously maintain on-hand assets to assist this mission. Therefore, the type and amount of response we can provide will vary according to the aircraft we have on hand at the time of the disaster. Our past support has included helicopters to conduct first responder reconnaissance, conduct surveys of damage, mark survivor locations using GPS, transport law enforcement and other authorities, and conduct search and rescue. We have also provided night-vision aided flight support to authorities for emergency missions during the hours of darkness.

External Load Operations

KBFS may legally perform external load operations (transporting equipment, supplies, water, etc., underneath its aircraft) under the provisions of FAA Part 133. Bambi Bucket Operations in support of firefighting fall in this category of support. KBFS has supported a wide range of external load missions, including relocating fish hatcheries for the Department of Interior. Additionally, KBFS can provide this type of support to pipeline, power line, and other construction operations where aircraft transport and repositioning of materials is necessary due to time limitations, ground accessibility limitations, or vertical challenges. On request, KBFS can also provide Vertical Line training for clients who need to have their own pilots qualified in external load operations.

Law Enforcement Support

KBFS can provide an almost endless list of support to law enforcement, ranging from traffic control and reporting to reconnaissance, surveys, surveillance, and search and rescue. KBFS also provides aircraft qualification training; night vision goggle training; Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) training and operational support; airborne rappelling; communications; and logistics support to law enforcement using whatever aircraft is most suitable to the mission.

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